California Creditor's Rights And Collections Attorney

The Law Office of Arthur A. Small II protects the rights of lenders and other creditors, particularly in matters involving commercial collections and litigation. Our legal team helps you recover from debtors in default, enforce all liens, maximize recovery from those who have sought bankruptcy protection and recover property and/or monies from those who have attempted to conceal or fraudulently transfer assets. Our firm also helps agricultural creditors navigate the complexities of the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA).

What Are The Rights Of A Creditor?

Whether you are a creditor by virtue of making a loan, or by selling goods or providing services on credit, when faced with a delinquent debtor you have several options if your demands for payment have been unsuccessful:

  • Negotiate a reasonable plan of repayment
  • Retain an attorney experienced in creditor's rights
  • Seek a court order to repossess pledged collateral
  • Seek a court order granting a lien against the debtor's property for the unpaid amount
  • File a collection suit against the debtor and obtain a judgment
  • Enforce the judgment

Arthur A. Small II is a creditor's rights lawyer with more than 20 years of experience. Our law firm advises individuals, businesses and financial institutions on the most appropriate and effective options for collecting from a delinquent debtor.

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The Law Office of Arthur A. Small II assists companies in the Stockton area and throughout California with issues involving creditor's rights, business and commercial law, prejudgment remedies, real property matters and commercial collections. Please contact us online or by telephone at 209-800-8753 to arrange a consultation.

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