The Law Firm Your Debtors Don't Want To Hear From - Quick, Efficient, and Successful Debt Collection Services

The Law Firm Your Debtors Don’t Want To Hear From – Quick, Efficient, and Successful Debt Collection Services

California Repossessions Attorney

When a debtor refuses to voluntarily surrender property it has defaulted on, it may be appropriate for the creditor to seek a court-ordered seizure, or repossession, of the property. If you are considering repossessing property in California, it is important to proceed carefully. You must carefully adhere to California repossession statutes or face fines, lawsuits and other liabilities.

At The Law Office of Arthur A. Small II, we can advise you of your rights and options regarding repossession in California. With more than 20 years of experience, repossession attorney Arthur A. Small is prepared to handle all of your commercial collection needs.

Skilled Representation For Repossessions In California

We assist clients in the repossession of all types of commercial property, including vehicles, industrial equipment, medical equipment, restaurant equipment, heavy machinery, agricultural machinery, appliances and more.

If you have a secured interest in the property, you generally have the right to repossess it after a single missed payment. Whether this is in your best interests depends on a number of factors, including the debtor’s ability to catch up with missed payments.

We can provide you with guidance and advocacy throughout the repossession process, including obtaining necessary court orders and interfacing with repossession agents. We have the experience and skill to help you repossess your property cost-effectively and in adherence to all applicable laws.

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We handle repossessions and other debt collection matters for clients throughout California. Please contact us online or by telephone at 209-800-8753 to arrange a consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer in Stockton.

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Case Results

  • Arthur A. Small successfully obtained a prejudgment Writ of Attachment remedy securing $2.75 million of a $3 million claim brought by client. The case eventually settled without trial recovering more than $3 million of the client’s money.
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  • Arthur A. Small successfully represented a local community bank in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy proceedings concerning a loan made by the bank and secured by a boat marina. Mr. Small’s efforts led to recovery by the bank of the entire $2 million obligation.
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  • Arthur Small and his banking client prevailed at trial involving a secured loan made to a borrower. The borrower defaulted on its loan to the bank; secretly transferred the vehicles ..
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  • Arthur A. Small II represented a food distributor client in a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy proceeding characterizing sums due the client by debtor as priority claims leading to the recovery of $250,000 ..
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