Stockton Commercial Collections Attorney

The Law Office of Arthur A. Small II provides innovative, aggressive commercial debt collection services to clients throughout California. Our clients include banks and financial institutions, wholesalers, health care providers, food and beverage distributors, and businesses in a broad range of industries. The scope of our practice includes:

  • Commercial debt collections in California: Commercial collections attorney Arthur A. Small II creatively uses the diverse methods allowed by California law in collecting all types of commercial debt in California.
  • Registration and domestication of judgments: We assist clients with all aspects of the registration and domestication of sister-state and foreign country judgments.
  • Breach of contract: If a breach of contract threatens financial loss, we can provide you with strong representation in or out of court.
  • Business-to-business collections: If your company needs assistance collecting a business debt, our law firm is here to recover assets and protect your interests.
  • Garnishments and attachments: We can represent you in the recovery of assets through wage garnishments/attachments.
  • Creditor's rights and collections: Our law firm protects the rights of lenders and other creditors throughout California.
  • Fraud and asset recovery: We are skilled at countering debtor fraud and recovering assets through a broad means of debt collection strategies.
  • Repossessions: We have substantial experience representing commercial creditors in the repossession of all types of commercial property, including vehicles, equipment and supplies.
  • Writs of attachment and possession: We apply these prejudgment remedies to help our clients achieve swift results.
  • Deficiency judgments: We take decisive action in situations where it is practicable to seek a deficiency judgment.

Arthur A. Small II is a thought leader in commercial collection topics, speaking to corporations and educational institutions on collections and prejudgment remedies. Our aggressive, common sense and creative approach to collections has made us a trusted source of representation for clients throughout California.

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