Writs Of Attachment And Possession: San Joaquin County, California

In California, the heavy backlog of cases often forces creditors to wait months, even years, for a court to issue a judgment. Prejudgment remedies, such as writs of attachment and writs of possession, offer a means of circumventing the lengthy court process and accelerating commercial debt collection efforts.

At The Law Office of Arthur A. Small II, we offer swift, aggressive and efficient debt collection services to clients throughout California. We understand that waiting for courts to act may not be the best means of achieving your debt collection goals. By applying effective prejudgment remedies, we can take swift and decisive action on your behalf.

Writs Of Attachment

A writ of attachment gives a creditor a security interest in a debtor's property. Writs of attachment are generally requested at the same time the collection suit is filed. Obtaining a writ of attachment is often an effective counter to debtor tactics such as concealing, transferring or impairing the value of the property.

Writs Of Possession

A writ of possession allows a creditor to recover specific personal property in another's possession prior to judgment. A writ of possession is often used when a debtor has pledged specific property for the repayment of a debt now in default or to reclaim property subject to an ownership dispute.

A writ of possession can cause an immediate and favorable shift in the debtor's mindset. A debtor who no longer has control over an asset oftentimes will seek to immediately resolve the claim rather than incur additional fees and costs.

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