California Fraud And Asset Recovery Attorney

Debtor Fraud

Debtors will go to great lengths to avoid paying what they owe, including fraudulent concealment of assets and other unlawful actions. As an experienced commercial collections law firm, The Law Office of Arthur A. Small II knows how to identify, expose and overcome fraudulent actions such as the concealment of assets and fraudulent transfers.

Asset Recovery Services For Creditors

Overcoming debtor fraud is only one aspect of our commercial collections practice. We offer clients experienced guidance and advocacy in a broad range of matters, including asset recovery. We employ a number of effective legal strategies when recovering assets for creditors, including:

The strategy we employ to recover your assets depends upon a number of circumstances, including the nature and amount of the debt, the debtor's solvency and your business relationship with the debtor. The decisions are yours to make. We are here to provide you with the legal guidance you need to make sound decisions regarding the enforcement of judgments and recovery of your assets.

Contact Us About Fraud And Asset Recovery Issues

Stockton commercial collections attorney Arthur A. Small II and our legal team are here to handle all of your debt collection needs. Please contact us online or by telephone at 209-800-8753 to arrange a consultation with an experienced California lawyer.

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